Transform your space with vibrant underwater scenes and bioluminescent creatures for a captivating ambiance.

Our Mission

To Bring the Ocean's Beauty Home with the LumoJelly lamps

LumoJelly Lamp - LumoJelly

Provides a Calming Ocean Ambiance

LumoJelly creates a calming and oceanic atmosphere with its soft glow.

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Provides a Soothing and Relaxing light

LumoJelly provides a soothing and relaxing light that enhances any space.

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LumoJelly Lamp - LumoJelly

It Has Its Own Unique Decor Elegance

LumoJelly adds its own unique decor elegance to complement your style.

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  • Testomonial #1

    "The jellyfish actually look really realistic, and the “aquarium” is really high-quality, not cheap stuff. The various color modes and colors really shine beautifully and look great on any desk of an enthusiastic aquarist."

  • Testimonial #2

    "Love it. Full of different colors, no need to use the remote to change because there is a button and even a multi-color mode when you turn it on"

  • Testimonial #3

    "Lamp acquired for my son's bedroom, the result is: all his friends want one, several colors, the moving jellyfish are hyper-realistic, guaranteed to have a guaranteed effect. A great gift idea!"